Small gas Engines

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Lawn Mowers - It has become one of our specialties to work on the drive assist portions of mowers for our customers. We always have a specail on tune ups. We can help you get back mowing. . . Call or stop by for information on making your mower last longer and run better with the help of Opti products.

Yes. Yes. Yes. . . We work on chainsaws; but here's the kicker. . . We work on electric chainsaw and battery opperated chainsaws; as well as working on every brand, make, model and type that's out there. . . hen you bring your saw in for servicing, you might as well bring in all of your chains as well and really be ready for "Cuttin' Time"

Lot's of people ask us if it is worth bringing your weed whip in to be fixed. . . At the very least; give us a call first and discuss the possibilities. . . and if your trimmer dies, The Motor Shop has the new Milwaukee M18 trimmer. . . . one of the best trimmers that I have ever used. So call and order one today.