Starting in January 2015. 223 NW 5th Street, Grand Rapids, MN 55744 became the new World Headquarters for The Motor Shop.

Here is a map to The Motor Shop.

The Beginnings of The Motor Shop

The Motor Shop has been in business in the Grand Rapids area for more than 50 years. The shop started with the intent to service the electric motor industry in the North-land. The Motorshop then added to their services by adding the sales and service of Milwaukee tools. (I don't know a lot about "The Origins" of the shop, but I learn more about its history all the time and will relay it as it comes available to me.) I do know that Herb Mortenson was one of the people that made The Motor Shop a common name in the area. He spent countless hours winding motors, as well as servicing motors for the lumber industry in the North-land.

In 2011, Herb sold The Motor Shop to David Brown, and the next year, the location of The Motor Shop moved from where it stood for almost 30 years. (The old shop was on the corner of Highway 2 and County Road 63) The Motor Shop moved to East end of town on the corner of Highway 169 and 9th st.

The Motor Shop would be there for 3 years, when the opportunity came to move into the building where the shop currently resigns. (233 NW 5th St.) The Motor Shop moved to this location in on January 16th, 2015.

In the transition to the current location; a lot has changed with The Motor Shop.


It is The Motor Shop's mission to sell products of high quality at a fair price, make repairs that meet or exceed the industry standard, have repairs and orders completed in a timely manor, and maintain customer service that is second to none in our industry.


We Envision A Company That:

Is known throughout the area as a company that Is continually exceeding the expectations of their customers.

Is continually adding to the service that it supplies. To be flexible for their customer to solve problems that know one else in the area can solve.

Is known as a place to turn to get questions pertaining to the industry answered honestly and in such a way that the customer can find a solution to their problems whether it is from The Motor Shop or someone in their network.

Is known to stand behind their service, where The Motor Shop's service is fast, accurate, and guaranteed.

THE MOTOR SHOP Values Include:

Honesty and Integrity are the foundations of all we do.

Serving our employees, customers, and our community is such a way that we become even better at serving them.

Treating our customers, vendersand community with honesty, respect, and generousity.